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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  June 17, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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tonight, it was very tense out here. >> with guns drawn and scores of police officers surrounding the pentagon the pentagon was shut down over fears of a man found inside arlington cemetery was planning some sort of attack. >> he was cooperative and i think that is probably -- [unintelligible] >> he was found parked near bushes near the pentagon. his new book contained the words al-qaeda, taliban rule, mujahidin, and defeated coalition forces. >> it was something that needed to be looked into. right now it is too early to tell. >> we do feel this individual acted along. >> while they do not think he has any connection to a terror group, they did identify the man as 22-year-old yonathan melaku.
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the fbi says he is a u.s. nationalized citizen from ethiopia and also a marine reservist. >> he was linked to some other car break-ins in the area, that type stuff. that concerns all of us. >> by mid-morning, bomb techs surrounded his home and at the fbi interviewed his family. >> it is shocking. i've lived here for 12 years and have never had a problem with the neighborhood. >> yonathan melaku was arrested a month ago in leesburg, va. accused of breaking into 27 vehicles. also in contrast to that his time as a marine reservist reportedly he earned a defense service medal and a selected
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marine corps reserve metal. we're learning a lot more at this hour. abc 7 news. >> team coverage continues with the ripple effect this morning that caused many major roads to shut down at the height of the morning rush-hour. metrobus is were diverted. people sat in their cars for hours. -- metro was diverted. >> the road closures caused traffic issues on light anything people had seen in years. >> it was unbelievable. >> it was as bad as 9/11. >> drivers spent hours in ghastly gridlock. is stretched from the district to springfield. >> every turn i needed to take, i could not get their. >> i-95 was also clogged up.
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it gave this drivers passengers a chance to become best friends. >> we got to know each other and just talk about what was going on in our lives. >> the road closures affected all ramps near the pentagon as well as eastbound and 66 and 110. >> we came over here to the pentagon, trying to get to the pentagon, and that was blocked off. >> he drives a limo for living. he says in this mess, all he can do is pray. >> [unintelligible] >> ultimately everyone seemed willing to cope for the sake of safety. >> not real happy about it, but i would rather they took care of a bomb threat then have a go of. >> reporting live in arlington abc 7 news. thank you.
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our coverage continues this evening, and you can always get the latest information on the story at also the warm, sticky weather is making a comeback and we face the risk of storms tonight and over the weekend. bob ryan has the latest. >> after last night's really wild ride -- let me show you the doppler and zoom in. no a batch in gaithersburg. let's look at manassas. that is east-southeast and it may be producing small hail. for folks around culpeper county this is the boundary of those leftover storms from last night. i think a lot of this will be missing. it will be a summary weekend. last night storms caused a major -- cause major damage.
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this home video which you will only see on abc7, caused a fire near the church of god camp in manassas. neighbors and parishioners watched as the fast-moving flames tore through the sanctuary. no one was hurt the been the congregation's -- no one was hurt. the conservation we'll rebuild the historic site. today, a federal judge approved a request to formally dismissed all criminal charges against osama bin laden. this just weeks after u.s. navy seals killed bin laden in a compound in pakistan. he was first wanted in june 1988 -- 1998 in connection with terrorist attacks on u.s. embassies in africa. see why ups is taking security issues.
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>> also, the brakes on a popular form of mortgage for older americans. >> and coming up, anthony weiner resigned for admitted wrongdoing, but stands to make a healthy retirement in come thanks to taxpayers. we will tell
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at 6:00 with gordon peterson, maureen bunyan, and tim brant with sports. anthony weiner may be leaving the house but not without money in his pocket. >> as a congressman with several terms in office, he is entitled to a pension. rebecca cooper as more and what he will receive. rebecca? >> anthony weiner is not independently wealthy so he will probably need a job as soon as possible. he will be guaranteed a healthy retirement payout, things to be in the -- thanks to the person being a member of congress. >> what will anthony weiner do for work? it is now unlikely he will run for new york city mayor. his intensity and perseverance
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is considered a plus for the magazine, but he could get a hefty pension. $46,000 a year if he retires at the age of 62, $32,000 if he retires at 62. grandfather william cowper wishes he had that kind of pension. >> i had to work hard for what i get. >> it is wrong. >> defenders point out that most members could make a lot more if they were not in public office, and this mother says why should he be singled out? >> i think if ceo's can get a bailout, why should he not? >> anthony weiner has more than
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$5 million in his mayoral campaign war chest. if he does not run, he can give it to the donors or to charity. next at 6:00, more work on the metro. we will tell you where to expect extra week *. >> and a look at the big warmup on the way, after the break. >> it is the u.s. open but it is closing fast. rory mcilroy is taking charge.
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new at 6:00, ups has been banned for shipping to some parts of great britain for the time being. >> there are security fears. the department of transport says this is a precaution after a security check. lester, an explosive device was found on a printer cartridge -- last year, an explosive device was found in a printer cartridge in england. the jobless rate in
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washington d.c. jump to 9.8% last month. and in maryland, it remained unchanged. greater virginia remained at 6%. overall, 10 it states saw their unemployment rates fall. the nationwide rate is at 9.1%. wells fargo will no longer offer reverse-backed mortgages. it is a special loan allowing homeowners over the age of 62 to convert a portion of their home equity into cash. wells fargo says they doubt that senior homeowners will fulfill their end of the deal. and major delays for metro riders over the weekend. in a few hours work will begin on the red orange, blue, and green line's. riders can expect delays of up
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to 20 minutes. metro will resume a normal schedule on monday. [unintelligible] [laughter] >> check the metro website. and first. then metro. >> that is right peeving we've got it all for you. let's give you the overview of things. high temperatures. boy, we made it up to 87 degrees today. well above our average. this jr. right back into the pressure cooker in terms of having temperatures way above average, six, seven degrees per day above average. pretty nasty storms. all the warnings are down. you can see this line produced two-inch hale. there is leftover lightning.
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one of the spots developing rain now is around last -- is around manassas. we have the thunderstorms from last night's really what thunderstorms. there is, moving over to west springfield. so that that is moving into charles county. there is another 1. probably, i think all of these will be dying now unlike last night. look of the temperatures. we're still at 87 degrees to our south and southwest. got friends in oklahoma city? they are setting a record today. 102 degrees today. we have a northwesterly braes and now is going back into the big ridge, and that means it will be coming back day-by-day to the next few days. here is the future and has been cast. -- futurecast.
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all this is going to do is allow south-southwest winds and more humidity to come in. for the overnight hours lingering showers thundershowers but nothing like the wild weather, the light show that kept everybody awake probably in many areas until 1:00 early this morning. warm and muggy when you head out tomorrow morning. the sun rise at 5:43. we're now getting a minute of sunrise time each and every few days or so. it is more likely on sunday the temperatures -- both days, as a matter of a fact, on into next week -- the pattern will be continuing with the humidity. at least it is not 102 as it was about 10 days ago. >> i will settle for 90 degrees. >> we will keep you
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posted all the time. >> thank you, bob. >> the toyota sports desk. sponsored by your local toyota dealers, moving you for. this young gentleman from northern ireland -- everyone is watching him. >> no question about that. rory mcilroy mastered this course for the second straight day. he played a practice round on saturday afternoon with his buddy. let's take a look at what he has done. 36 holes, a seven shot lead. 17 greens of regulation yesterday. 15 today. you know he is happy. >> i am very happy with the way i am selling it any way i am heading it. i feel very comfortable on this golf course.
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there is no real key. it is just i keep just trying to hit in the stairway and hit on the green. >> an impressive young man. rory mcilroy has everybody talking coming here and across the pond. here is cnn. >> it is an incredible display of control and i think we've all come to expect displays from him in terms of the striking ability. most impressive, he seems to have his putting well and truly sorted out. most impressive. >> he has everyone in this country excited. what is happening across the pond? >> with been very aware of him for a long time. there's a lot of pressure and expectation around rory mcilroy. the thing we have to realize is
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he only has two victories to his name so far. he is now ostensibly contended jointly-led all the majors. he is like our mozart, if you will, in ireland. he is putting together quite a concerto this week. >> mozart in ireland. for the second straight day phil mickelson would not speak to the media. understandable. he bogied 18. the bottom line is, phil mickelson in a tailspin at 36. the projected cut is 3 or 4. those guys are still on the course but they may not be here for the weekend. let's go to baseball. the nats are red hot.
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danny espinoza that walk-off run. the nats have won 6 in a row. the big story -- rory mcilroy the 22-year-old irishman from hollywood, ireland. >> he tore up the masters to until that sunday .
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>> it is a chance you can get one of the hottest gadgets on the market for free. >> follow the instructions for
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your chance to win. the winner will be announced next friday. >> and here is the icing on the cake -- a free weekend forecast from bobrun in. >> thank you very much. look at the lightning that is moving out of manassas. here is the live doppler. it can zoom down to the spot. -- those spots. you see moving into charles county. also on there we have our live at lightning and the live doppler and everything. on the weather. >> ok. >> it will be near 90 degrees. >> ok. >> world news next. captioned by the national captioning institute
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